September 9, 2012 - HWL Hostile Takeover - Toronto, ON

Air Canada Centre – Toronto, ON
Attendance: 15,444 (78%)

A video package is shown, highlighting the matches scheduled for tonight’s event. “Absolute Zero” by Stone Sour plays in the background. The video ends and the camera shows inside the arena, where pyros go off. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the show and announce the attendance at just over 15,000.

Jesse Neal pinned Mike Sydal after a Spear in 7:18.
Rating: *** ¼

Neal picks up the victory, ending Sydal’s impressive winning streak.

A video package plays, showing Kelly Kelly’s victory over Becky Bayless last Monday night. After the video, Kelly Kelly is seen backstage with Alisha Hicks, who asks Kelly about the chance of becoming number one contender for the Women’s Title. Kelly says that she’s thankful to be here tonight. She says that she and Becky have had their differences, but the only thing that matters is that Kelly is here and Becky is not. Kelly says she has a challenge in front of her tonight, but that Leva should not underestimate her.

Number One Contender’s Match – Women’s Title
Leva Bates pinned Kelly Kelly with the Critical Confirmation in 6:53.
Rating: * ½

A video package plays, showing the debut of ODB and her victory over Women’s Champion Nikki Bella. As the video ends, Bella is seen holding title, standing next to Alisha Hicks backstage. Nikki says that ODB came in and impressed, no doubt about it. She admits to not being prepared; as champion, she should be prepared for any and all comers. Nikki says that she gives a load of credit to Kaitlyn for persevering and continuing to fight for what she wanted. She says that she’s been in the ring with Kaitlyn before, so it’s clear that tonight is going to be a challenge; but, Nikki has persevered, too.

Women’s Title Match
Kaitlyn pinned © Nikki Bella with the Flatliner in 7:43.
Rating: ½*
(Kaitlyn wins the HWL Women’s Title.)
[Leva Bates interfered against Nikki Bella.]

Backstage, Claudio Castagnoli and Steve Corino are seen with Shane Hagadorn and Alisha Hicks. Hicks wants to know what the motivation was for their attack on David Otunga last week. Hagadorn says that they were out there to send a message; a message that lets both teams in tonight’s title match know that, after Castagnoli and Corino win their match tonight, they are coming after the newly-crowned champs.

Number One Contender’s Match – Tag Team Titles
The Independents (Claudio Castagnoli & Steve Corino) defeated Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon when Castagnoli pinned Colon after a Death Valley Driver in 16:38.
Rating: ** ¾

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Chris Hero and David Otunga about their chances of winning the Tag Team Titles tonight, and their concerns about The Independents’ actions last week. David Otunga says that Castagnoli and Corino attacked him to “send a message” to them, Styles and Kingston. Otunga says that message was received, loud and clear. Hero says that there will be a time and place for them to settle things with Castagnoli and Corino, but tonight their focus needs to be on winning the Tag Team Titles.

HWL Tag Team Title Match
AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston defeated The A-List Knockouts (Chris Hero & David Otunga) when Kofi pinned Hero with the Trouble in Paradise in 12:09.
(AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston won the vacant HWL Tag Team Titles.)

Backstage, PCW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode is standing with Alisha Hicks. Alisha welcomes Roode and asks how he feels about wrestling two nights in a row, after defending the PCW Heavyweight Title last night. Roode thanks her for the welcome and says that it certainly a challenge to wrestle at pay-per-view events, but that’s why Roode’s where he is. Roode says there’s a reason he’s PCW Heavyweight Champion; and he’s about to go out and show the HWL roster why that is.

A video package is shown of Alex Riley defeated Ted DiBiase last week on Anarchy.

Alex Riley defeated Bobby Roode by disqualification in 7:39.
Rating: * ½
[Ted DiBiase interfered against Alex Riley.]

After the match, DiBiase continues to attack Riley, hitting the Dream Street in the middle of the ring.

A video package is shown, highlight the Kevin Steen/Christopher Daniels feud.

Backstage, X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels is seen with Alisha Hicks. Hicks says that tonight, Daniels will finally step into the ring against Kevin Steen, who has said for weeks that he would be a challenger to the X-Division Title. Daniels says that everyone has goals, aspirations that they want to attain. Daniels says he was one of those people, still is. He says that he has made a number of mistakes in his life, in the business, and that’s why he’s given himself the name “The Fallen Angel”. But, the X-Division Title, is a bit of resolution for his past. Daniels says that once you find something that rights your wrongs, you want to hold onto it. Daniels holds up the belt and says this is his.

X-Division Title Match
Kevin Steen pinned Christopher Daniels with the Package Piledriver in 7:03.
Rating: ***
(Kevin Steen won the X-Division Title.)

A video package is shown, highlighting the feud between Brutus Magnus and John Cena. After the video ends, Magnus is shown backstage with Alisha Hicks. Alisha asks Magnus what tonight means to him. Magnus says that tonight has been a long time coming. He says that Cena has been a thorn in his side ever since Cena started to blame him for not winning a battle royal a couple months back. Ever since then, Magnus has been waiting for the chance to get into the ring, alone, with Cena. Tonight is that night.

Brutus Magnus defeated John Cena by DQ after Cena hit Magnus with a steel chair in 6:33.
Rating: ** ½

After the match Cena continues to attack Magnus with the chair, before hitting an “FU” in the center of the ring. Cena leaves the ring to a chorus of boos from the audience.

A video package plays, highlighting the feud between Kurt Angle and Randy Orton. When the video ends, Kurt Angle is seen backstage with Alisha Hicks, who asks for any final thoughts heading into tonight’s main event. Angle says that he’s standing here tonight because he didn’t give up. A month ago, he put his career on the line for a chance to challenge for the Heavyweight Title, and that’s what he’s doing tonight. Angle says that he is a man of integrity, who fights for what is right. He says it’s only right that he get this title shot; and that nothing will make him happier than walking out with the belt around his waist.

Also backstage, Ted Hanson is seen with Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Orton says that tonight is a night that has been repeated way too often over the past couple years. He says that he plans on putting an end do that streak by doing what he has done in the past: stalking his prey and ending them with an RKO. Orton reminds everyone that, on Monday night, he stood victorious over Angle; he says the same thing could happen tonight, in the blink of an eye.

PCW Heavyweight Title Match
Kurt Angle pinned Randy Orton after a DDT in 8:05.
Rating: ***
(Kurt Angle won the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

After the match, Angle is awarded the belt, as his music plays. Angle celebrates by posing on the corners with the belt, as the announcers talk about the manner in which Angle won – what looks to be Angle pulling Orton’s trunks. Angle continues to celebrates as the event goes off the air.

Card rating: ** ½

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